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If you’re looking for a great saltwater fishing adventure, consider a Florida Tarpon fishing trip. The coastline offers some of the very best Tarpon fishing in the world, with fish reaching a length of eight feet or more and weighing over one hundred pounds.

Talk about an exciting catch! Florida tarpon pack a punch and a fight when they nail your hook. Without a doubt, this type of fishing is fun. And surprisingly, tarpn are quite easy to catch. That’s right! Hooking into these giants is not where the challenge lies. Bringing them to the boat is where the real battle begins. Once hooked, they violently leap high in the air, thrashing their huge royal silvery body in an attempt to dislodge the hook and free themselves back to the brackish depths of the Gulf coast waters. The winner of this battle is almost always the Tarpon, which is why so many sport fisherman are lured by the challenge.

If you travel to the southern Gulf coast, you will find yourself right smack dab in the middle of giant fishing waters, where they can weigh over 150 pounds. The best time to catch them there is May, as they prepare to navigate toward the Gulf for spawning season.

Tarpon fishing has the honor of boasting world record catches, from Tampa Bay all they way South to the Florida Keys.

It doesn’t matter where you fish the Florida coast, you will be pleased with a wonderful tarpon fishing adventure which you will certainly never forget, and for which you’ll always yearn to return.