Pike fishing tricks for spring and summer

I started winter months off greatly into my chub fishing and I am leaving it behind with pike about the agenda. The common denominator though has become the Staffs/Worcs Canal, which as one of my local ‘cuts’ (once we give them a call inside the Black Country), uses up a lot of my angling time in today of petrol-cost awareness. With the cost of fuel, certainly in the event you fish around I do, then you definately need places that don’t involve a lot of travelling. With many of my outings being short, as all this week’s were, theneven in addition. The days when I travelled on the likes of Kingsmead with an overnighter, or Tewkesbury about the lower Severn for a couple of hours have over.

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Pike each morning tend to be more active than usual. Early morning before sunlight rises is a wonderful time and energy to target hungry pike. You can either see them in open or shallow water hunting down their first meal for the day. Great lures to utilize each morning are jointed raps along with top water splashers being a Hula Popper. Since waters usually are calm in the morning top water lures cause quite the commotionand pike usually are in the shallows trying to find baitfish.

This pre-spawn period is coveted. Muscled but undersized males travel with swollen females. Together, they enter sacred breeding grounds to propagate. Really big fish are exposed, cruising ankle- and knee-deep shallows. The submarine backs of 35- to 45-inch gals occasionally break the top. Visually, mature pike appear as darkened logs that mystically glide over the shallows.

Time of day is an additional piece of the puzzle. Normally, the best times to fish shallow pike occur during late morning and again in the evening, when light levels are best for the fish. They can become inactive noisy . afternoon in bright light. Plan on fishing hard each day, choosing a break, and fishing again since the sun begins to drop.

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