Gps – Chartplotter – Fish Finder Combos – Anglers Beware!

fish finder humminbird helix 5

Locating those fish to catch is half the battle.A fish finder can be a nice tool to help and make your fishing trip a successful adventure.

You can use all of your favorite lures, bait and the greatest fishing rod and reel out there, but if the fish are no where near by, then you are just wasting your time and money.

Refined sonar technology is used into today’s fish finders.Sound waves allow these modern day units to give the fisherman a clear image of rocks, stumps, gravel and, of course, the fish.This is a big advantage when fish are migrating or weather conditions have suddenly changed causing the fish to be on the move.

There are a number of fish finders on the market and they come in all different sizes and shapes.In addition, they have their different features and bells and whistles.And as we all know, the more features the higher the price.An example is the popular Garmin Fish Finders and they sell from around $100 to approximately $325.

Some features allow you to see the fish better in shallow water, deep water, off the side of the boat, black and white screens or color screens, different screen sizes, screen refresh at different intervals, user settings memory, battery voltage indicators and more….

Based on your fishing likes and dislikes, you will find different features more or less important.

Not only will you want to pick the fish finder that fits your needs but more than likely you will want, or need, some of the many accessories also.

You will have a choice of different cables, mounting brackets, cases and covers, connectors and transducers.

A popular new technology is the wrist watch FISH FINDER.This technology uses a floating sonar sensor attached to the fishing line which transmits real-time views of fish to the display unit which you wear like a watch.

One nice feature in some fish finders is GPS technology. This allows the fisherman to mark his or her location so they can return to a good spot later or let you get back to where you started if it gets dark or fog should set in.

One example of an upper-end fish finder is the Garmin 400c which has a high resolution 4″ display and is good for finding fish in both freshwater and saltwater.Being CANet-compatible it allows you to share sonar information with plotters located elsewhere in the boat.

A good portable is the Hawkeye Portable which allows you to scan under weeds, ice, docks or lily pads.If you want something small, easy to carry and in the lower price range then the Hawkeye Portable might be what you need.

Fish finders are extremely handy tools to help you catch a lot more fish and the GPS technology allows you to have a safer fishing trip.