Catch Fish Where They Are With Transportable Fish Finders

Portable and Castable Fish Finders

Electronic products for little watercraft as well as for all fishermen looking to potential new areas

Because of the app interface, castable products can offer all kinds of functions in addition to sonar, such as fishing-log pages.

Blend a compact-fishing boat market now overloaded by tiny skiffs, kayaks, and paddleboards with the wildly vibrant area of mobile phone- and pc tablet-app growth, so you find some good fairly amazing portable marine gadgets. In reality, during the past 18 months, I have viewed a proliferation of castable sonar products that transfer crucial information to gadgets including iPhones and Androids.

Before that point, Humminbird manufactured the most effective-recognized castable device out there – the SmartCast, which associated with a wrist-/rod-attach display. Now fishermen can select from goods like Deeper, SonarPhone’s, FishHunter and iBobber T-Pod, which collection in price from $100 to $230.

Castable products can offer all kinds of functions in addition to sonar, such as fishing-log pages, fish databases, solunar information and weather reports, because of the app interface. Additionally they provide societal-expressing and location-protecting capabilities.

Castables also come with limitations, particularly for saltwater use, but because of their size. Fishermen who wish higher signal strength, more features, and better tough-water functionality can step up to a bit bigger transportable sounders and sounder/Gps navigation combos. Here’s a fast have a look at a few of the current merchandise.

Castable Fish-Locater Devices

These units function just as they sound: You tie those to the conclusion of any fishing range, after which cast or toss those to your selected spot. You can even tow 1 little by little associated with a vessel. They’re waterproof, they float, and they switch on as soon as they effect a liquefied surface.

The Two.6-” diameter Deeper Smart Fishfinder sphere might be cast or dragged little by little behind a vessel. It says depths to 130 ft . and works with a Bluetooth interconnection.

Further Wise Fishfinder

This round, bobber-molded sonar system actions 2.6 in . in size and weighs 3.5 oz .. It characteristics many different attachment things, so you can cast it from different height.

The machine contains a double-regularity transducer (90/290 kHz). It says depths to 130 toes and runs inside of 160 toes of its paired product. Deeper utilizes a Bluetooth connection, and is compatible with a wide variety of iPads and iPhones, along with touch screen phones and pc tablets running Google android 2.3 and earlier mentioned.

Greater holds a 3.7-volt re-chargeable electric battery that offers up to 6 hours of jogging time. Its free of charge app comes with a sport fishing sign, weather records, water-temperature readout, fish icons, angling action work schedule, plus a bottom guide (not an underwater chart) with satellite overlay, which may be used to conserve warm places. The hardware charges $229.99.


Desire for food Laboratory explains its FishHunter sonar as baseball dimension; it is 4 features and ounces one bond stage.

The FishHunter’s 381 kHz transducer can see depths to 120 feet. The unit also provides consumer-adaptable range varies (for 30, 10 and 20 meters) that quickly change the sonar pulse duration for optimum business presentation. The transducer-beam direction widens from 16 degrees at 3 decibels to 22 levels at 6 decibels.

fish finder reviews utilizes Bluetooth to set with iOS and Android gadgets; its mentioned throwing range is 80 ft .. The unit will last 6 to 9 several hours on a cost looking at the 3.6-voltage inner battery power. The free of charge iphone app delivers a fish data base, water temp, log book, moon forecasting, mapping (even though not with underwater graphs), along with a natural-data look at that screens just like a standard sounder as an alternative to showing just fish icons. The computer hardware charges $229.

iBobber’s Wireless bluetooth Wise integrating attracts much less strength than traditional Wi and Bluetooth-Fi do.


At push time, iBobber was readily available simply for Apple company mobile phones and pc tablets making use of Wireless bluetooth Intelligent (Wireless bluetooth low energy), nevertheless the business predicted it to set with Google android 4.3 at this point. Wireless bluetooth Intelligent permits a lot more ongoing online connectivity, iBobber affirms, and it draws much less potential out of your device’s battery than standard Wi and Bluetooth-Fi do.

The iBobber procedures 2.3 inches in size, weighs about 1.7 oz and, unsurprisingly, seems like an oversize fresh water bobber. It uses a 118 kHz transducer. The company says its dimensions are depths to 135 toes and operates 100 ft from its paired mobile device.

The iBobber marks fish depending on their sizing – whether under 15 ” or over 15 inches – the organization claims. Its totally free application incorporates loads of characteristics. The computer hardware costs $99.99.

SonarPhone T-Pod

The Four-ounce T-Pod will be the castable unit in Vexilar’s SonarPhone range. It utilizes a 125 kHz transducer having a 30-diploma cone. The 3.7-volt standard rechargeable electric battery will last four several hours over a cost.

SonarPhones make use of Wi-Fi rather than Wireless bluetooth to build a link with your iOS or Google android device. The T-Pod has a transmit range of up to 100 yards, and it can pair with multiple devices at the same time, as a result. The 400-watt T-Pod transmits data at 100 mbps.

The cost-free app shows a normal sonar view, and can display a zoomed-in array as well as other conventional sounder features. It reads depths to 120 feet. T-Pod charges $129.95.

Mobile Units

, and Lowrance all develop mobile systems that employ a selection of their more compact sounders and sounder/Global positioning system combos.Garmin and Humminbird Most add a covered lead battery power as well as a suction-cup transducer. Vexilar constitutes an easily transportable SonarPhone T-Container device that pairs with the iOS or Android os system (because the castable products do), and works jointly with Navionics’ new Boating mobile app to offer graph plotting in a split-monitor view with sonar data.

Garmin provides a transportable set that features a having bag, double-beam suction-mug transducer, rechargeable battery pack and battery charger. Together with the system, any echo device can be produced mobile phone.


Garmin provides 3 alternatives for mobile fish finders. The echo 151 ($179.99) and echo 301c ($299.99, coloration) transportable bundles incorporate a hauling bag, double-ray suction power-mug transducer, rechargeable battery power and charger. A portable package ($129.99) can also be marketed separately, so anglers can make any echo device cellular.

Humminbird’s Helix along with its PiranhaMax (not pictured) sonar units are works with the company’s portable conversion process set, which includes a suction power-glass transducer.


The PiranhaMax and company-new, tiny-format widescreen Helix units effortlessly fit the company’s mobile conversion system inside a cost range from about $170 to $400. The two series can be found as sonar only or sonar/Gps system combos.

Humminbird’s Fishin’ Friend is surely an all-in-one-system that clamps onto a vessel. Its top is really a sonar head unit installed to a pipe. At the end of the tubing is the transducer.

The company’s Fishin’ Good friend is undoubtedly an all-in-a single system that clamps to a vessel. It provides a sonar brain unit atop a 24-in . tubing, capped by a transducer. It costs $129 to $270.

Lowrance’s portable load up accommodates Top level fish-finder models and even includes take on bins.


Lowrance’s Top level 3-, 4-, and 5-inch units (for example the new 3x) may be sold with the all-year easily transportable pack that features a bag, battery, charger and transducer and take on cases. The Top level-3x All Year costs $249.

The SP300 T-Box easily transportable method sets with a mobile device to showcase sonar readings. Using a Navionics app, it will also display underwater graph or chart.

SonarPhone T-Container

Vexilar’s SP300 T-Pack portable process charges $199.95, and sets having a mobile phone to showcase sonar data. Get a Navionics Boating app ($10 to $50), and your mobile phone or tablet gives each an underwater graph along with a sounder (together with the new SonarCharts Live) in a split-display screen view. The device has a two-beam 83/200 kHz transducer and scans depths to 240 ft. Interested? Watch movie of Navionics SonarCharts Survive SonarPhone.