Perch Fishing In Cincinnati?

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I know many fair weather fishermen, you know the type that as soon the weather turns colder and the leaves on the trees turn golden as the fall takes hold, they become couch potatoes and the fishing gear goes deeper in the shed. Well, from my experience, they are missing out on some great fishing. The fall can yield some bumper fishing sorties and sometimes bigger fish. So if you fall into the couch potato category then put the TV remote control down, dig out your fishing gear because you are missing out.

There are a couple of main reasons why fishing can be at its best in the fall.

o Fish are generally more sensitive to being caught during this season.

o There are many fair weather anglers watching the television instead of fishing. Hence the lakes and rivers are far less crowded than during the warmer months. Personally I prefer it when it is not crowded and the fact is that I have won many a trophy fishing in the fall fishng.

Reading on through this article will reveal my three top tips for fall fishing. Following any of them will assist you in catching more fish during this wonderful season.

1) Use New Fishing Line.

This is very often over looked. Fishing line does get frayed and kinked during the frantic spring and summer periods. So before you attempt angling in the fall, re-spool your line, in the long term this will pay dividends.

2) Wear Fingerless Gloves.

As the fall takes hold, the weather can, rapidly, become cold and there is nothing more discomforting, while fishing, than having cold hands. Normal gloves are not really an option as they make fiddling with line, bait and hooks next to impossible. So always have a pair or fingerless gloves in your kit. They will keep your hands warm while still retaining nimble fingers to carry out any fiddly operations.

3) Choose A Good Time To Fish.

Most of us know that fishing in the mornings and evenings are generally the best times to go angling, however, taking the weather and lunar cycle into consideration can also be advantageous particularly in the fall. It has been proven that fish feeding habits are affected by the cycles of the moon so fishing with these in mind will increase your catch no doubt about it.

Following these tips could make all the difference to angling in the fall for you, listen to the voice of one that has been using them for years with great success and there is absolutely no reason why they should not get you from in front of that television and get fishing. The fall is my favorite time of year both in general and especially for fishing you never know, you might just land yourself a trophy fish.