Top Reasons to Use a Fish Finder – Review

fish finder

The old timers accustomed to love snoozing in the middle of the ocean, lake or river as they definitely waited for his or her fish to bite the bait. Some even returned home disappointed since either the fish did not take the bait or they were not with the right place with the proper time. However, everything has changed in the current century. Fishing is not really a gamble. Thanks to the Raymarine Fish Finder, you’ll be able to bait your fish and still have it too!

As the name suggests, a transom mount model mounts for the transom of the boat. The best mounting location is at the bottom with the transom, with the transducer face (bottom) parallel or nearly parallel to the transom itself. All major manufacturers recommend that installation be completed out from the water. In order to minimize turbulence and aeration around the unit, do not mount the transducer along strakes, behind through hull fittings or other hull irregularities as they can cause unusual disturbances across the transducer and cause improper readings. Thru Hull units, when properly installed, typically offer better fish detection and functionality than other mounting methods. Since this mounting method requires drilling or cutting a dent from the hull, all through hull installations needs to be completed whilst the boat is dry dock. As with transom mounted models, through-hull transducers should be completely submerged in water with good water drainage with the unit. Objects including strakes, fittings and propeller wash can disturb the water flow and cause inaccurate readings. Work to avoid any places that the water drainage will likely be uneven or disturbed. To eliminate leaks it really is important seal any holes between the transducer and hull. It is generally far better to have a very professional put in a through-hull model.

The general feel from the marine industry is the situation is expensive. I’ve heard someone say more than once if they have the phrase marine that come with it then it will be 3 times the charge. The best way to approach this may be to purchase items online when possible and go with aftermarket boat parts when it’s possible to. The advantage to purchasing online is the competition is high which drives process lower. I’m sure if you do a quick comparison for any kind of boat parts both local and online the gap will surprise you. The most benefit here looks like it’s when buying outboard parts from an aftermarket online retailer as most of the time only OEM versions are available from most dealers. Either way paying full retail will only reinforce the notion that everything marine is costly and place a tremendous dent in your pocketbook.

Always obtain the proper outboard repair manual for any successful job. I can’t stress this enough as simply diving in here could be a big mistake. A good source for the manual has to be Seloc outboard repair manual which is usually available for most applications. The value of this really is high and also the simple nature associated with an impeller change may be misleading for people that repair cars or another machinery. Each outboard manufacturer may have different repair procedures and far frustration might be avoided by obtaining the correct service manual for the task.

The last mounting method is the “Shoot through” transducer. Unlike through-hull models, shoot through models not one of them an opening inside the boat’s hull. Instead readily stored away placed inside the hull and transmits and receives signals beyond this concept. This type of fish finder works only with fiberglass hulls in addition to being with other methods, placement is crucial. Usually a flat spot within the aft bilge area is the better location, but talk with an expert.

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