What Do You Want To Know About Fishing Line

Bass fishing ures come in many different varieties. There are more types of lures for bass fishing than for just about any other kind of freshwater fish. With so many different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors you’d have a hard time trying out all of the options. It would take a long time to use every type of bass fishing lure. While there are many different types, some tend to be better than others. Most bass enthusiasts pick their favorites and stick with them.

Crank Bait Lures

Crank bait is one of the most popular lures among bass fishers. This type of lure got its name because of how it operates. They are connected to the line and then cranked back into the fishing boat. There is a vast array of different options when it comes to selecting crank baits.

Some crank baits will float atop of the water when the fisher is no longer winding the reel. Others will sink to the very bottom when the reel isn’t being turned. Still another type stays suspended in the water, not moving from the depth it was when the user stopped cranking.

Deep Water Crank Bait Lures

Some of these types of lures are intended for deeper water FISHING RODS and can go about 15 feet down below the water’s surface.

Medium Depth Crank Bait Lures

When fishing in water that is about 10 feet deep, you are better off using a different type of crank bait. The best choice for this depth has a medium lip that will hit bottom once it reaches a depth of approximately ten feet.

Shallow Water Crank Bait Lure

When fishing in water that is less than five feet deep, it is best go with a different option. For this depth, fishers should use a lure designed for shallow water. This type has a small lip and will make hit bottom at depths of approximately around 3 to 5 feet.

Top Water Bait Lure

Still another frequently use type of bass fishing lure is top water bait. This type of bait gets its name because it floats all the time. They float even when they are being cranked in. A disadvantage of this type of bait is that it is noisy. Noise is not ever desirable when bass fishing. It is particularly problematic when trying to lure fish at dawn or in rough waters under cloudy skiess.

Spinner Bait Lures

Spinner bait is yet another lure option for bass fishing enthusiasts. This style of lure is often used in bass fishing This type of baith is actually tied directly to the fishing line or attached to a tiny swivel. Spinner bait lures are bright and shiny, typically with blades that are either gold or silver. However, they are often painted in different colors. Some enthusiasts prefer metallic spinner bait lures, and others prefer painted ones.

The blades of spinner bait area availalbe in many different shapes. The best bass fishers know that sometimes the fish have to be outsmarted. The different shapes are created in the hopes of imitating the different fish found in the waters. The idea behind spinner bait is to trick the bass into making an impulsive strike.

Another unique characteristic of bass fishing lures is that they are used with rubber skirts. The rubber skirts travel alongside the lure and help attract more bass, theoretically. These rubber skirts are interchangeable, which allws for versatility. Many who enjoy bass fishing feel there is an advantage to using a variety of different colored skirts. They enjoy being able to remove one color skirt and replace it with another in the hopes that doing so will draw more fish.

With so many different options, bass fishing lures can get very complicated for anyone who doesn’t understand the dynamics of the sport of bass fishing.

Once a bass fishing enthusiast begins to to investigate the multitide of the different options for bass fishing lures, he or she will likley see that it all makes sense. To an experienced bass fisher, the vast array of available options is really not as overwhelming as it seem to a novice. The best thing for novice bass fisher to do is just to start trying different options and experiment until they are able to find their favorite lure.