A Beginner’s Self-help guide to Side Scan Sonar

Anglers, usually, are gizmo freaks. Every winter at the fishing and boating displays, we carefully review and check the most recent rods, reels, fishing lures and boating accessories. Several of the latest and greatest products eventually ends up working much better than you could potentially ever have envisioned, plus some turns out to be significantly better at catching you together with your finances open up than it will ever be at finding our finned foes. Of my burgeoning variety of the latest and very best, there is a thing which i use whenever I keep the dock before the time I come back-my fishfinder.

My fishing boat is equipped with a Lowrance HDS system that screens a StructureScan High definition sonar unit. I have been using Structure Check in my sport fishing charters considering that 2010. In the past, I deemed it a novelty that we would activate as i was checking out rock and roll piles and under the sea cliff confronts. Now, I take into account it to be an essential feature.

There are 2 factors to the Lowrance LSS system, sidescan and downscan. The sidescan capability permits you to have considerably better aspect-to-aspect range for marking fish as well as the downscan permits you to see what is straight underneath the vessel in much better details.

How it Works

All fishfinders work as echo sounders, which is a method of active sonar. An electric transmission is delivered through your fishfinder in your transducer that changes it into an traditional acoustic pulse. A standard fishfinder broadcasts this heartbeat direct downward inside the VLF and LF array of the radio wave spectrum at 50khz and/or 200khz. This seem wave (or ray) distributes into a cone condition as it journeys out of the provider, like a flash light forecasted onto a distant wall structure. Any subject having a diverse density than seawater, such as a fish’s go swimming bladder, will mirror again (echo) this transmission to your transducer. The fishfinder then computes the quick period of time among if the a few-dimensional cone- shaped heartbeat was directed and received, and turns it into the two-dimensional image the thing is on the screen.

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