Take Your Hobby to a New Level with Deeper-Smart FishFinder -Deeper Fish Finder

Deeper Fish Finder can be an innovator in it’s kind wireless fishfinder that actually works in partnership with your Android or iOS device. Information from the floating Deeper is transmitted with wireless Bluetooth technology negating the requirement of a cabled connection. Because of compact design, it’s ideal for use on a number of vessels, platforms or fishing grounds.

Deeper is a great sonar for smartphones and tablets supporting Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ operating systems. The smart sonar works in the depths from 0.5 m to 40 m (130 feet) and uses Bluetooth link with show the knowledge regarding the fish, it bed, water temperature and obstacles you may bump into, on screen of your smartphone or possibly a tablet. Smart fishfinder may be used in salt and freshwater. Two beam combines great detail and a wide coverage area. Compact, lightweight and easy to utilize, Deeper ‘ Smart fish finder is the perfect fishing companion for each angler.

As you tow the sonar, the water comes higher than the the surface of the deeper sonar body. When occurring, the sonar disconnects from the phone. Opening the deeper sonar shows that the antenna on that connects with the blue tooth chip isn’t good enough to permit it to be above the river surface when trolling. This causes water in the future over the the top sonar and the blue tooth signal is lost.

Discover new fishing locations others miss. No more fishing in blind while you’re on the river shore. Tie Deeper to your line. Cast. Then reel in with a slow, steady rate together with your rod tip up. The sonar beam will scan the area, transmitting data wirelessly in real time to your Smartphone. This castable, easy to use fish finder sets the typical persons to conquer. The Deeper comes fully assembled and ready to use directly as is also. The system is energy-efficient and will run all night on one battery charge. Deeper has been designed to fit into your fishing tackle box and that means you could take it anywhere. radius. Deeper activates which is activated only when immersed in water, like that it extends its working time so in unfavorable conditions you shouldn’t have to consider off your gloves or other protection to obtain a grip on small operational buttons.

Deeper sonar is very compact and ergonomic, being only 6.5 cm in diameter generating such that it can not be damaged by water. The sonar is resistant not just to water, but also to small shocks. The lithium polymer battery ensures about 4 hours uninterrupted operation from the echosounder and Deeper may be charged by using a conventional Micro USB cable.